by CHEERS第14回英語教授法ワークショップのお知らせ

Hello English teachers,

    On June 29th, CHEERS will hold it’s 14th English teachers’ workshop at Mediateque. 
The theme will be writing a debatable essay.  First, we will review the structure of a three paragraph essay, how to write the introduction, body, and conclusion, how to write a topic sentence, and how to support your ideas.  We will also talk about the balance between general and personal language in each paragraph.  Then, we will move on to the debatable essay, looking at important features such as how to give an opposing point of view, how to balance this with your main point of view, how to end the essay with a question, and so on.  We will also discuss the importance of activating the background knowledge of students before
having them write. 
    I hope that some of you can join us. 

日  時: 平成 25年 6月 29日(土)18:30~21:00
会  場: せんだいメディアテーク 7F会議室a
講  師: Steven Mitchell
定  員: 20名(定員になり次第締切りとさせて頂きます。)
参加費: ¥2,000