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Hello everyone, sorry not to have written sooner. Thanks a lot for being interested in our blog and in CHEERS. I wasn’t sure what to write about so I’ll start with a song.

When I was living in Los Angeles, I had a music studio in my house and I did a lot of song writing, recording, and producing there both alone and with other musicians. In late 1996 or early 1997, I recorded a song called Tea For Two. It’s a piano instrumental with strings and guitar. I still remember the room where I was recording. I was always recording very late at night and the room was lit only by a small lamp. This lamp created a great atmosphere and helped me to write this song, especially the guitar solo in the middle which is very mellow, like the lamp light.
Anyway, when you have time, please listen to Tea For Two and enjoy. Will write again later.

ロサンゼルスに住んでいた頃、私は家の中に音楽用のスタジオを設けていて、そこで作曲やレコーディング、また他のミュージシャンと共にプロデュースを手掛けたりしていました。1996年後半か1997年前半にレコーディングしたTea For Twoという曲があります。この曲は、ピアノと弦楽器、ギターの楽曲です。私は今でもその時の部屋の光景を覚えています。レコーディングはいつも深夜で、部屋は小さな明かりだけで灯されていました。その小さなまるでランプのような明かりは、とても心地よい雰囲気をかもし出し、私の作曲の手助けをしてくれました。特に中盤のギターソロは、柔らかで美しく、まるでランプの明かりを思い出させるかのようです。

もしお時間がありましたら、“Tea For Two”(←クリック)を是非聞いてみて下さいね :) それではまた!

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25 Comments for “Tea For Two”

  1. Sae より:

    I listened to your song.
    It sounded like a kind of sadness.

    I really like music , so I’m sorry that I seldom see you in CHEERS.

    I wonder what is the theme of this song.
    I guess it’s one of a love song..

  2. Steven より:

    Well, the theme is up to you. You, the listener, can choose what to feel or imagine when listening. Enjoy. Steven.

  3. Sae より:

    Thanks for your response.
    The song is without the lyrics, so we can imagine the theme respectively.

    Now I really enjoy learning English in CHEERS.
    I heartily recommend here to everyone.

    I wish I would be able to work as a professional English teacher somewhere like CHEERS.

  4. Steven より:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying CHEERS and thanks for recommending it to others. We need everyone’s help. What kind of work do you do now?

    • Sae より:

      You may come to know who I am if I tell you what I do now.
      I’ve loved to learn English since I was an elementary school student.
      I really like English , so I want to share the pleasure of learning English with students who are to do.
      That’s why I want to be an English teacher.

      I wish my English ability were high enough to work at English conversation school. I have to progress more and more.

      Maybe it’s the best to work at the private English school to me, I’d like to try to teach at the public school next year.

      So I realize how you teachers enjoy teaching English in CHEERS.

      I want be like you, Steven.

  5. Mitsuyo より:

    Hi Steven.
    This song is really beautiful, and makes me feel warm inside.
    I like it.

    Rainy days like today are suitable to listen to the song.

    I imagine that you felt relaxed and peaceful in that cozy room when you made this song.

    Thank you for the nice music.

  6. Steven より:

    Hi Mitsuyo, I’m glad you like the song. Listen to it whenever you feel like it. Steven.

  7. Steven より:

    Hi “Sae”, now I think I know who you are. I’m going to see you on August 1, right? If I’m wrong, sorry. If I’m right, then I’m looking forward to that. Steven.

  8. rain drop より:

    スティーブンせんせい こんにちは  きょう はじめて せんせいのtea for two を ききました。 わたしたちの こころの なかにある、とても おだやかな ひかりを かんじさせるような ノスタルジアをかんじました。 きっと せんせいが かんじたランプのような あかりも せんせいの おんがくに、きょうめい していたのだとおもいます。
    それは、ミューズ だったのかも 。。。
    tea ror twoは、ランプのあかり のように やわらかく、わたしのこころに ともしびを あたえて くれました。

  9. Steven より:

    You’re welcome. Enjoy. Steven.

  10. Steven より:

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to the workshop too but it’s not a lecture. That’s the problem with English education in Japan; too much lecturing and not enoght student participation. You’ll see what I mean. And I’d be very happy if you joined the karaoke class. See you tomorrow. Steven.

    • Sae より:

      I understand what you mean.
      Students should not ‘be taken’ the class but participate in the lesson.
      I studied how to practice the effective lesson in my university, but I should study more and more.My professor was active and taught us the efficient lesson eagerly.I like his method of teaching English and you might know his name.
      I am a bit nervous to join the seminar as I’m not a real teacher.
      I ‘d like to learn as much as possible.

      Thank you.

  11. Steven より:

    Not being a teacher yet is advantageous because it means that you haven’t developed a lot of bad habits. It’s better to start from zero than from a minus. You know what I mean? Steven.

  12. Sae より:

    I know what you mean.
    As you know, the summer vacation is the most important key to the third-year high school students. It is said that they have to study at least 10 hours a day to pass the university entrance exam during the vacation.
    My job is not only to teach techinical Englsih for the entrance exam, but also to lead them into the university where they really want to go.
    So there are some parent-teacher conference or children-taacher conference in a day. Sometimes I feel really tough, but to relate to parents and students is my vitality.

    I understand how tough to keep being a teacher of the public school.
    But I’d like to make my dreams come true.

  13. Steven より:

    I recommend that you try to be a high school teacher. Junior high school teachers have to focus a lot more on other things besides teaching. It’s a harder job, I think. Besides, you have a lot of knowledge about passing the entrance exams so that would be useful to lots of students. Steven.

    • Sae より:

      My Internet connection was something wrong, so I couldn’ t read your response. Your recommendation is quite right. I might be able to concentrate on teaching if I were a teacher in high school. Of course, I should enrich the student’s competence through lots of activities which I learned in my university and what you’ll tell to me, so I have to keep being cool and tough.
      Anyway, thanks to you, I look forward to blogging here every day.

  14. Steven より:

    I’m glad you look forward to the blog. I don’t know how often I can write here but I’ll do my best to answer. Talk to you soon. Steven.

  15. Steven より:

    Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. I go for massages to relieve stress. I’ll tell you about that more later.

    • Sae より:

      I’m afraid yesterday’s blog was terrible.
      I made some mistakes.

      Even you feel stress?
      Wow, i’m sorry to hear that.

      I gained confidence today.
      I’ll tell you what happened.

      I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ you next time.

  16. Sae より:

    Dearest my teacher,
    Now I’m in Chiba.
    I am taking the second test for the public English teacher in Chiba tommorow.
    I’m not afraid of it because you told me how to teach.

    I am checking the lessons through the DVD tonight.

    May I make it !!

    Love, Sae, one of your student

  17. Steven より:

    Hi Sae, how did it go? I hope you had a good time in Chiba. But still, I think Sendai is a better place to live (and work). I hope you’ll find the right place for you. Talk to you later. Steven.

  18. Sae より:

    Dearest my teacher,

    I wanted to blog by actual name, but I was in Chiba and forgot another password, so I did it as Sae.

    I know what you say, Sendai might be better place.
    It’ll be my first attempt to live in another city.

    I guess to become a teacher is not a goal but just a start of my life.
    And if I can’t do well, I can return to Sendai within a few years.

    Though I failed in the mock lesson, I guess I will pass the exam.
    I watched 2 DVDs in the very morning on 21st , and your lecture relieved me so much.
    I appreciate you teaching me how to enhance the quality of lesson.

    There are lots of things to talk to more and more.

    Love, Sae